Breakdown of a person's google results

SEO is huge and those involved in music or entertainment need to be searchable. 94% of people only look at the first page of google. If you want to look better in searches, make a linkedin, wordpress for blogging or blogger (suggestion), Vimeo profiles are higher even though youtube is more popular, Flickr for photos or Zerply(ranks higher), and BrandYourself ( similarity). Of course, Facebook and Twitter will put you further up if you want those. Tumblr and Formspring. Slideshare. More tech and internet things (curious minds): Speak with an insider. Will.I.Am “It’s so lopsided that subconsciously we know that we haven’t invested in our youth, in our communities. We haven’t invested in humanity to keep up with intelligent machines.” Will your job stay or be gone....? Questions to ask and things to think about in regards to what direction everything is taking. Again, the majority has already planned decades ahead.

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