Christianity is not the same for all and the bible: Lecrae

Lecrae does mention that he is not in agreeance with what was talked about but some caucasians "white people" whether from Europe or wherever the origin believe that slavery is God given but the slavery that has been used is a sin and of evil compared to what is seen now and similar to what you see in sweatshops in China that now have seemed to be reformed. Nothing is okay about beating on a person, thinking you can kill them, or anything of that matter which is a sin and Christianity is being used as an excuse to hurt children and much more. Mental health counselors are needed if this issue can be fixed without extra steps. Sanctioned by the church. Video comment: Evil masked in Christianity...wolf in sheeps clothing? (hiphop comment This video is the Truth. Satan translates as "the enemy." The enemy is the Devil, who came as the form of Ego. Greed, malice, lies. The Devil is a liar. He came to steal and to deceive and to destroy. He is a ravenous lion roaming the streets seeking to kill and to destroy. Drugs can steal your life and destroy those you love most in this fallen world.

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