Time2grindRadio TV RADIO Live Stream

Tune into the #1 Indie TV Radio Show time2grindradio.com and time2grind.com @iambig7 on instagram and facebook @time2grindradio! I had the opportunity to have the song "Rock" from the Release Me EP reviewed and the hosts along with special guests plus those tuned in wanted it to be played back which is always a win! If you have yet to check out the EP, find links on my site Destinywatson.com or direct on IG: IAMDESTINYP. Forever spreading love and light. Get your music reviewed honestly and improve your work. Support indie artists. #music #artist #writer #songwriter #musicblog #hiphop #rnb #rap #hiphop101

Subscribe to the youtube channel for live feeds :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD2dou5K8ZQ : Time2grindRadio

Destinywatson.com : Destiny Watson Artist Website

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