Dose Massage Lacrosse Balls
  • Dose Massage Lacrosse Balls
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Myofascial release is an alternative medicine therapy which helps to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. Eliminates muscle knots and tension. Trigger point therapy massage lacrosse balls relieve sore and tight muscles to rejuvenate and revitalize all areas of the body. --- EASY TO USE - Simply lean on the massage ball and use your own body weight and gravity to relieve muscle knots and tension. MASSAGE ANYWHERE - Perfect for use while sitting on any chair, laying in bed, on the floor, or on a yoga mat. Use them at home, at the office, or at the gym. DURABLE - 100% Solid Rubber. Relax and enjoy yourself with these massage balls. Release the tension. Roll away knots and tension in your back, shoulders, neck, hips, arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, and feet.

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