So Unique Marketing and Management Consulting

So Unique ENTERTAINMENT LLC started off as a company solely for modeling purposes but has expanded over into management for models and artists.

Company's vision is focused on incorporating art and mental health services to help give light to the world around each person via workshops and seminars. Affiliating and connecting with brands and other businesses to help models and artists rise within the industry. Music and Model Management and Consulting Services connecting individuals to jobs and people.

Management Consulting is the practice of offering business executives third party advice, expertise, and support with the aim of enhancing the business's performance resulting in an overall increase in the value of the business. Researching and collecting data to investigate and solve specific client problems. 

For songwriting, photography, and advertising inquiries, please send an email via the contact form. If you would like to be featured, send contact information and music links. Help build the company by donating today:


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