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Marc and Erykah Badu 

 We love this duo. They both went to the same high school year and years apart in Dallas. Pretty dope and cool to create freely with no judgement. Marc and Erykah Badu.

Sir and Buddy:  

Legalize it like Sean Paul said to calm people down and arrest for the otra drogas "black" people normally don't take. Maybe that is the reason why it's still not allowed everyone for sale by all people besides greed. Glad to experience this planet for what it is but certain people of this world are tainted. We hope they change.

Grants and PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Loans are still available for all and black businesses: download the PDF (coronavirus help) at the top of the page and visit

Tyga Ibiza, Miami and Coding 

Tyga never misses. Miami vibes and we so wish that we could go. Are you interested in coding?
Try these sites to learn and get in the loop for the new wave of job opportunities:

Search for discounts (student; military) and your app store has some coding programs available as well. Be great and go forward! 

The Human Experience "Stay Woke" 

Would you all want to know what you know now or not know at all? "The Human Experience"
When people mention Africa sold slaves as well (a comment found):
So...The irony is that progressive action is being taken on slavery and human rights violations and you have a problem with it? An urgent debate is needed to right the wrongs of the past and current state of these issues. A huge part of coming up with solutions and communication is owning up to flaws and changing things for the better universally. This is the time to do that no matter who likes it or not. It's bigger than race, this is cosmic and karmic order happening before your very eyes. Its not that simple.
As Africa obviously faced it's karma over the centuries for the part it played so will the perpetrators on this soil of America for the part they played in the destruction of the indigenous people (who were enlsaved as well and didn't come from Africa), and inhumane acts of chattel slavery.

Slavery happened in Africa, with tribes becoming enslaved after losing battles, war. It wasn't based off of race, it was in war. Happened everywhere in the old world. They were prisoners of war. Most of the nation's of Africa wasn't part of this by the way. And no I'm not justifying it, this needs to be addressed as well and clarified.

the “ancient and widely accepted institution” of enslavement in Africa was exacerbated by the European presence. Yes, European slave traders entered “preexisting circuits of exchange” when they arrived in the 16th century. But European demand changed the shape of this market, strengthening enslavers and ensuring that more and more people would be carried away. European slave-ship captains wanted to deal with ruling groups and strong leaders, people who could command labor resources and deliver the goods. European money and technology further empowered those who were already dominant, encouraging them to enslave greater numbers. Both the social structures and infrastructure that enabled African systems of enslavement were strengthened by the transatlantic slave trade.

Don't feed into the “two wrongs make a right” ethical proposition. Even if Africans (or Arabs, or Jews) colluded in the slave trade, should white Americans be entitled to do whatever they pleased with the people who were unlucky enough to fall victim? They surely were treated worst as chattel slaves, not just for work, but evil pleasures, and all kinds of unfathomable acts that human beings shouldn't be able to do to each other. All of this needs urgent debate and address and we shouldn't act surprised that it does. It's obviously a very huge elephant in the room. Ivory and irony.

Soo as Africa gets together to clear karma, so should America and Europe to right the wrongs of history. Especially in context of racism, Africa did not perpetuate how America treats "black people" just because they are "black". Did I miss anything? When it comes to the root of our problems here on earth nobody's hands are clean. With the virus of the crown they are telling everyone "wash your hands

Christianity is not the same for all and the bible: Lecrae  

Lecrae does mention that he is not in agreeance with what was talked about but some caucasians "white people" whether from Europe or wherever the origin believe that slavery is God given but the slavery that has been used is a sin and of evil compared to what is seen now and similar to what you see in sweatshops in China that now have seemed to be reformed. Nothing is okay about beating on a person, thinking you can kill them, or anything of that matter which is a sin and Christianity is being used as an excuse to hurt children and much more. Mental health counselors are needed if this issue can be fixed without extra steps. Sanctioned by the church. Video comment: Evil masked in Christianity...wolf in sheeps clothing? (hiphop comment This video is the Truth. Satan translates as "the enemy." The enemy is the Devil, who came as the form of Ego. Greed, malice, lies. The Devil is a liar. He came to steal and to deceive and to destroy. He is a ravenous lion roaming the streets seeking to kill and to destroy. Drugs can steal your life and destroy those you love most in this fallen world.

The Supremes "An Excerpt by Donna Scott 


This was a question asked to me by a white DU instructor in a class filled with white students. Me, who is over 40; Me, who lived in Detroit for 22 years, whose son went to the top black high school in Detroit, Cass Tech where Dianna Ross was a former student; me who routinely passed “Hitsville” after dropping my son off to high school; Me, who is buddy’s with the son of Dezie McCullers Senior, another original FUNK Brother, whose brother Jazz trumpeter and drummer Frank worked with Don Was; me, the girl with the big brother who was close, close friends with one of the greatest music industry arrangers, composers, the recently deceased Sir Dean Gant who has composed, arranged and played for GRAMMY winning or nominated, or chart topping artists (Anita Baker, Regina Belle, TLC, Bill Withers, Monica, even Madonna), you name it, he was in that thang). Me, who grew up in the south side of Chi-town. Yvette GriffinKimberley WilliamsonSheila McFarlandTamika Wilson I was asked by a white music instructor “Do I Know who the Supremes are? My online resume shows I was the asst MD over the wildly popular hit stage musical “Where were you in ‘65?” (That featured the music of Mowtown) And pit orchestra (piano) on the hit play “Fo Women” at the Wortham. (Again more Motown music).

Me, whose elementary student Ariel Jones was the niece of Funk Brothers, drummer Uriel Jones. Me, who made sure ALL of my students in Mt. Clemens, black, white, Asian, Latina, non POC, view and discuss “Standing in the Shadows of Mowtown.”! Do I know who the Supremes are? Now I’m sure there’s some reasonable explanation, maybe since I dress so nice, maybe I’m too boogie for Mowtown. IDK? Again implicit bias on what you think I know, where I’m from, what I listen to or wear. Blacks code switch all the time. We’ve got to be bilingual. We speak the Queens English, and we can chop it up ebonically at the local barber shop. That question is like asking “can I touch your hair,” Or saying “you’re articulate for a black person, or you don’t act like the rest of “them.” It was stunning in its obtuseness. It was stunning how an instructor can think white people know more about my culture than I, cuz I don’t have what a grille on my teeth, sagging pants and whatever. Lina Ramos it might have had something to do with how our voice texture is viewed. I was stunned. This instructor really felt they understood black culture. Newsflash, you may study my culture, but I live it. All of it. Periodt (I meant to put that T at the end of the word. Yeah, I code switch all the time, speak the English, Ebonics, street, took Spanish for 6 years.) I know black don’t crack, I got carded forever, and perhaps some think they can out black the black folks, so if you learn our music you’re an expert, right. No you’re not.

Had that instructor taken one minute to try to know me, they would not ask me something so ridiculous. I bit my tongue and said...


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