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Tell Dave Chapelle to be quiet! 

Jokes! The news going around is saying that Idris Elba was slanging weed; you know the tree of life is now legal close to everywhere or should be and used as medical purposes but has yet to be researched so it is not legal fully when it should be. More black and African/Native people need to be researched if this is all it takes to be legal despite the president or Kamala signing an executive order just as they did for LGBTQ rights! Marijuana rights should be as important as alcohol ones yet alcohol makes people want to fight more. Anyways, be sure to check out his new podcast: Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey, and Dave Chappelle's "Midnight Miracle"

Call Time: The Finale 

We normally post music, but there is a director and producer who is taking the industry by storm and keeps coming and coming! James Hunter! Phenomal and known to keep going through anything. Take a look and support. When a crew is hired to shoot a horror film, it's lights, camera, action...and murder. A creepy old house, a reclusive grandmother, and a one-eyed groundskeeper puts everyone on edge but when people begin to disappear, the real nightmare begins. They learn they are not the first to team to be hired and they now find themselves in the spotlight, where the finale is their own demise.

GHerbo and mental health 

What positive words could you give to Black people during such a tough time in America involving police killings, mental illness, and COVID-19 statistics that show Black people are suffering the most? No matter what state the world is in, you are in full control of your destiny. Your life is worth much more than what the police may say or what people may think your life is worth. Place your demands on your life with standards, goals, and what you want to be and what you can and will put up with. Stay aggressive in what you want out of life. I think as a Black race and culture, everything that we have going on is about staying aggressive and setting a tone for the rest of your life that breaks cycles of generational trauma, hatred, mental illness, etc. We have the opportunity to do so now because people are putting the spotlight on our people and problems. We are the focal point of what’s happening in the world right now. I don’t think we’ve ever been in this state as a people. I feel we should take this time to try and do every little thing to correct our situations, and I think its possible. We just have to be able to stay aggressive and pour the resources into each other and share knowledge. READ MORE HERE: