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Stress Releaf Playlist 

Insert from IAMDESTINYP: Pain is certain. Suffering is optional. A line someone gave me a long time ago that got me through some weird space I was in. Tbh, I hate it here (I wrote a book at 8 explaining some stuff I didn't understand but learned over time; sh** hit me hard. Knowledge overload) but life is here so live it. up some doja, water, essential oils, aromatherapy, cbd, marijuana, or just be you and vibe out to this playlist and read something today.

Ray Vaughn - Not Allowed (Official Audio) 

TDE's new addition drops Not Allowed and many other tracks to be checked out like "TAP". Take a look at the video for tap and tune into Not Allowed! Lyrical artist are always appreciated here. Creators Welcome. Hot new music and artists. Indie artists are supported here. Send us a message. Failed to read Donald Passman's book, "All About the Music Business", (opens in a new window) use this podcast for music advice. @souniquemmc

Isaiah Rashad Opens Up On Fatherhood, TDE, + 'House Is Burning' 

The House Is Burning is one that needs to be heard and congrats on the resiliency. Isaiah holds his own and stands within his realm of hiphop and rap music. Can you believe his favorite artist is Master P? Humble but definitely on his game and we were ready here at So Unique Entertainment. Always blogging the best.