Chris Wellz - Greatness and blurb Society is funny to me. They recognize low self-esteem, but not confidence—they confuse that for arrogance. When you’re depressed, they say, “JuSt gEt oVeR iT aNd bE hApPy!” like we have a choice. And when you’re in a state of happiness, you’re “too positive and unrealistic” Will acknowledge some mental disorders but deny the rest and bunch all of it into the word “weak” as a hyper-masculine response—how adorable of them. Don’t you find it funny how people who try to lowball everyone—finesse their way into some discounts—even dare ask for free, shit like that—always seems to demand the full price when they start their own business? I mean, they should get what they’re worth, but the irony is killing me. Speaking of business; people always tell you to get a job and work for the man—you get so much praise for taking their advice too—but immediately criticized for starting your own business. Hilarious to know the man they praised you to work for started their own business. God! I love it here! So traditional with their conservative-prehistoric-outdated-application to life, but we’ll get to the culture of that later.👍🏽 People say, “I don’t need a therapist, I just need somebody to talk to.” that’s what therapy is; only they’re not professionals. No wonder you’re still in the sunken place; you prefer enablers, I see. They want a wedding, not a long-term healthy life partner—not willing to mutually do what it takes to keep one either—your self-centered widdle feewings mattered more. Good luck with that one. There’s a huge rise in men and women that are getting tired of being told they’re “strong” in their darkest hour and I think everyone should acknowledge that—their mental health too! And I say that to say this: We don’t, we should, but we don’t. The development of culture throughout history has enriched our very existence, but has also given us unrealistic demands in what we expect in people today; since a great number in the majority of people are stuck believing in the world that their grandparents lived in. They didn’t start credit scores till 1989—a good life was practically handed to them. All they needed was a little money and a steady job and the sky was the limit—for financial gain, of course. But somehow you believe mothafuckas “had it” like that because they solely handled their business the way we know it and see it today. No. The worst they had was wars and economic decline; the smart ones kept their cool, adapted, and succeeded—unless you were born black—oops, you thought it was equally difficult for everyone? Think again before your culturally washed world-views deceive you.🙃 Both generations work just as hard, our generation are called the lazy ones. If that, we work harder—unless we talking the auto industry in the 30s–40s; people today cannot even comprehend how hard those people worked. But what generation doesn’t think they work harder than the last? Let’s be real. The cost of living climbs while the value of the dollar diminishes. The amount of hours you have to sacrifice to barely make ends meet while you’re away to provide for your families should be deemed illegal. The only difference between our generation and theirs is that we have social media so you can see the complaints. But nobody’s tryna hear all that. If Facebook existed in the 50s and 60s, the overall general theme of mid-life crises would be more or less the same; the systematic racism apologists would be the same too, you thought Karen and Ken were only in 2021? Funny how things don’t actually change when you exclude technological advancement and view human behavior instead. The difference today is that these assholes got iPhones. 30-year-olds in every generation say they’re the last generation that “gets it” and has a good work ethic. No, you just grew up. You were an irresponsible ignorant lazy son of a b***c when you were 20 too—I’m assuming, I know—don’t pretend that wasn’t a general statement…cmon. This could have been brief, but the more I thought about silly shit society as a whole that makes me laugh, I kept getting thought after thought.

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