RudeBoyMedicci: EMCEE HOST

Welcome RudeBoyMedicci to So Unique Entertainment LLC! We will be working alongside him to push out new music and more soon come so stay tuned! If you are in Orlando, be sure to sign up and be informed about his launch party at 369 Lounge NOV 21, 2019!! (More details to come so stay tuned and prices are subject to change.) Rudeboy's New Single "ALL THIS FLAVA" will be performed and set to release Jan 1, 2020. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Click below



RudeboyMedicci is finally entering the music industry the right way and is ready to display a repertoire of music and lyricism. We are excited to be on his team for management and marketing so be ready for more!  Sign up for the launch party Check out "RudeboyMedicci Launch PARTY and Performance" @Eventbrite

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